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Pacific Highway Upgrade - Warrell Creek to Nambucca Heads

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Ferrovial, in partnership with Acciona, have been awarded with a contract for the upgrade of a 19.5 km section of the Pacific Highway between Warrell Creek and Nambucca Heads, in New south Wales, Australia. The Pacific Highway is a heavily-transited route along the eastern seaboard of Australia, linking Sydney, its largest city, to Brisbane, the third-largest. The highway is being upgraded and expanded as part of the Federal and State Government's plan to complete this link to a four lane divided highway.


Project Term

2014 - 2017


Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)


Pacific Highway, NSW

This section of the Pacific Highway upgrade is Ferrovial's first major infrastructure project in Australia, and the third contract in New South Wales.

More than 15,000 motorists travel on the Warrell Creek to Nambucca section of the Pacific Highway every day. The upgrade of this heavily-travelled section is being co-financed by the Australian and New South Wales governments. The project includes the design and construction of the 19.5 km section, including new bridges over the Nambucca river at Macksville and Warrell Creek, and two new grade separated interchanges.

Spring 2016 sees the Project's bulk earthworks nearing completion, paving already commenced in sections to the north of the Nambucca River and half-way towards completing the bridges and manufacturing of the 166 required girders at the Old Coast Road pre-cast facility will finalise at the end of this year.

In the south (Warrell Creek to Nambucca River), the project team has safely delivered the railway diversion which allowed for earthworks and bridge works to progress over Upper Warrell Creek - the bridge piers are under construction, as is the railway pergola.

The Bald Hill Road interchange roundabouts are advancing, while the controlled blasting program was successfully completed in August.

In the north (Nambucca River to Nambucca Heads), piling works for the Nambucca River bridge have been successfully completed. The bridge's girders from the northern bank have been lifted into place and lifting from the southern bank has started. Concrete decking is well under way.

Newly constructed local roads including "Access Road E" and "Old Coast Road Central" have been commissioned, whilst construction of the Macksville north facing ramps has recently begun.

Across the project, property and utility adjustments are successfully progressing, as is the operation of sedimentation basins and other environmental controls. The Project continues to engage with the local community to provide timely and accurate project information in order to minimise any inconvenience from potential construction impacts.

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