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Northern Beaches Hospital Connectivity and network enhancement

Current projects

The NSW Government is upgrading several roads in the vicinity of the new Northern Beaches Hospital. Works Stage One required to provide access to the Hospital will be completed by October 2018. Network enhancement works, as part of Stage Two, will be completed by early 2020. These upgrades will provide customers with a better travel experience, increase the capacity of the road network and improve access through the area, including for pedestrians and cyclists.


Project Term

2015 - 2020


Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)


Frenchs Forest, NSW

Roads and Maritime Services is planning to deliver the road in two stages:

  • Stage 1 Connectivity Work would provide essential access to the Northern Beaches Hospital.
  • Stage 2 Network Enhancement Work will help increase capacity of the road network and reduce congestion.

Following a competitive tendering process Roads and Maritime contracted Ferrovial York Joint Venture (FYJV) to construct the road upgrades which include sections of Frenchs Forest Road, Warringah Road, Wakehurst Parkway, Forest Way, Hilmer Street, Aquatic Drive, Banty Bay Road and Allambie road.

Safety is the first priority of the FYJV team. The project has developed a wide range of initiatives including the LIFE (Looking for an Incident Free Environment) program which has been successfully implemented in other Ferrovial projects worldwide to increase the Safety Culture of the team and achieve the industry highest Health and Safety standards. As a result of all these initiatives, the project has been for more than 600 days Lost Time Injury (LTI) free.

The project team is undertaking the works in a very demanding urban environment including a high number of utilities relocation works and strict traffic and Community requirements.

The project has achieved several remarkable milestones:

  • Installation of the new Forest Way Pedestrian Bridge
  • Demolition of the old Forest Way Pedestrian Bridge which required a successful 30h closure of Warringah road unprecedented in the area
  • Installation of the new Hilmer Street pedestrian bridge
  •  Implementation of the Warringah Road westbound traffic switch - traffic is now driving on the permanent westbound carriageway
  • Temporary diversion of the Warringah Road Eastbound carriageway to allow completion of the permanent works
  • Returning Naree Road and Frenchs Forest Road to two-way traffic, after ten months of construction through the use of the one-way traffic arrangement
  • Opening to traffic large sections of permanent works along Frenchs Forest Road and Allambie Road

Current project works include remaining sections of permanent works along Naree Road, Frenchs Forest Road, Forest Way, Wakehurst Parkway and the new Warringah Road Eastbound carriageway.


Our Environment Protection Licence (EPL No. 20673) along with approved variations and premises maps, can be found here:

EPL20673 - Premises maps

The document is also accessible on the EPA web-site.

As required by our EPL, we have prepared a Pollution Incident Response Management Plan to ensure we are organised to act effectively if an incident occurs.


Our Environment Protection Licence requires monitoring of sedimentation basin discharge and other monitoring that the EPA may direct. Monitoring reports will be added when required.



Please visit the project website for community updates.

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