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Ferrovial Innovation Awards

Category: General / 20 July 2012

Ferrovial has called the Ferrovial Innovation Awardsto recognise all those innovative ideas that can be put into practice and are designed to increase productivity and process efficiency, improve company competiveness and/or generate new business opportunities.

How can I take part?

We remind you that to take part in the awards you have to register your idea on the website www.zuritanken.com, where you must fill in a form with the following information: the challenge addressed by the idea; a title that defines it; a general description; the benefits or value contributed by the idea; the barriers or obstacles to be overcome; the positive factors for its implementation; personal details. Attach any additional material where appropriate.

All the workforce of companies in Ferrovial can participate with their ideas in any of the challenges proposed by the business areas, regardless of whether or not they are in their own area. One employee may propose as many ideas as he or she wants during the campaign.

What type of ideas can I propose?

By “innovative idea” we mean any idea that can be subsequently developed and that represents "new ways of doing things" or "new things to do", and that can generate profitable business opportunities for Ferrovial.

Until when can I present my ideas?

Once the program ha been launched, the deadline for submitting ideas is 30 September 2012.

What are the prizes?

The prizes are in kind and their economic value is as follows:

  • Two winners will be chosen per challenge from among the ideas received. They will receive a prize in kind valued at 5,415 dolars.
  • A single winner of the Ferrovial Innovation Awardswill be chosen from among these eight ideas. It will receive an additional prize, also valued at 5,415 dolars.

The jury will decide on the type of prize to be awarded to the creator(s) of the winning idea in each case.

Who is on the jury?

The jury is made up of the Management Committees of the Business Units. It will study the ideas received according to the established criteria and decide on the two best in each challenge. These will then take part in the final phase of theFerrovial Innovation Awards.

In this final phase, the Management Committee of Grupo Ferrovial will select the winning idea. The aim will then be to ensure it is put to use by implementing it or setting up a pilot project.

How are the ideas evaluated?

The factors considered for the selection and evaluation of proposals (though any individual proposal does not necessarily have to include all of these) will be as follows:

  • It must be new or original to the industry.
  • It must be attractive for the business in which it would be applied.
  • It must have a high potential value or impact on the business or new business (economic, image, as a reference, etc.).
  • It must be feasible to apply and possible to implement.

What are the challenges in which I can take part?

The innovative ideas will respond to a challenge or theme presented by each business area. The themes chosen for this competition are:

  1. Find ideas to increase/optimise revenues from the highways. 
    Ideas for attracting the attention of potential users of toll highways and recovering user levels to improve revenues obtained. The initiatives may be of very different kinds: actions related to infrastructure, design of new services and tariff policies, positioning of the Cintra brand, formulas for discovering user needs and their willingness to pay for the use of infrastructures, etc.
  2. Find initiatives for innovation focused on improving passenger satisfaction. 
    Innovative ideas for improving the satisfaction of all airport passengers, ranging from business travellers to families, children and people with disabilities, by proposing improvements to processes, new forms of using the boom in social networking, or any other innovative ideas to achieve this objective.
  3. Find new ways of doing things in the area of construction. 
    Ideas that lead to cost reduction, increased technical capacity to take up new challenges, increasing process efficiency, or improving the performance of products already designed or completed.
  4. Social Contribution: Incorporation of social initiatives into local service provision contracts.
    Ideas that allow local people to profit directly beyond the scope of the contract, by feeding back in part as an improvement in their quality of life: social initiatives such as creation or participation in training actions related to activities included in the contracts (gardens, urban repair, waste management, etc.), inclusion of disadvantaged social groups, work with NGOs, etc.

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