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Ferrovial helps to bridge the digital divide with developing countries

Category: General / 11 November 2008

Ferrovial’s Department of Information Systems has signed a partnership agreement with the NGO OSF (Ordenadores Sin Fronteras or ‘Computers without borders’) to donate unneeded computer equipment.

OSF is a non-profit organisation which gives new life to old computers, then sends them on to the developing countries where they are needed. Ferrovial is likely to donate around 200 computers a year.

When the NGO receives a computer, the first thing it does is analyze it to see if it works properly or if it is necessary to change any parts. After various tests have been carried out, they delete any remaining information on the hard drive and install free-license software.

Once the equipment is ready for use, OSF gets in touch with the NGOs that have the specific requirement. Amongst other organisations, they work with Arquitectos Sin Fronteras (Architects Without Borders) for distribution on the African continent, and with Caritas for distribution in South America and the Caribbean. In addition, donations are made to schools, missions, churches, institutions and similar organisations.

Cooperation for development is one of the pillars of Ferrovial's Corporate Responsibility strategy. In 2007, the company invested in four projects in developing countries: Venezuela, Ecuador, Chad and Tanzania. 

Around 38,000 people have benefited from these initiatives.

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