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Change Management, the theme of the second edition of the Global Management Programme (GMP)

Category: General / 20 June 2012

The second edition of the GMP, organised by Ferrovial University, in collaboration with ESADE Business School, has been carried out in two modules held at the Ferrovial University main building and in London and has involved a dual purpose: fostering collaboration between different business units and helping participants when implementing change initiatives in their respective areas.

37 professionals from different business units and subsidiaries have participated in this second edition, which has focused on delving into aspects related to Strategy, Innovation, Finance, Operations, Global Human Resources Management and Change Management. In this video various people who participated in the programme explain the knowledge they acquired and their experiences in the GMP.

The speakers included external experts and Ferrovial senior management.

First module: Ferrovial University main building, El Escorial, Madrid

The first module was opened in El Escorial by Iñigo Meirás, Chief Executive Officer of Ferrovial.

Joaquín Ayuso, Ferrovial Vice President, opened the Innovation module by reviewing the progress and current status of the Business Units and subsidiaries and stressed the importance of customer focus and success based on quality management.

The dynamics of this session, "elevator pitch", led by Professor Ken Morse, Founding Managing Director of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center, involved the participation of internal experts from the Global Innovation Group, as well as external collaborators from ESADE.

Francisco Polo, Communications and CR Manager at Ferrovial, and Javier Álvarez Laorga, the company's Risk Manager, respectively provided insight into Communications and Risk Management at Ferrovial. Ernesto López Mozo, Finance General Manager, opened the Finance section, presenting the main challenges facing the Company in this function.

Second module: London

The second module was kicked off by the actual participants who, with their involvement and dedication, made it possible for the group to find out about the work carried out by Amey, Ferrovial Agroman and BAA in London as a result of the visit and presentation of the three Business Units that part of the group organised at Heathrow airport and all were able to enjoy in the module's first day in the British capital.

In this module, the involvement of Dariusz Blocher, Budimex CEO, stood out who took an active role in its development by presenting the circumstances of Budimex being a success story in implementing the operations model.

The theme of both modules lay in the Change Management section, given by Professor Terry Lockhart, an expert in leadership in global organisations and member of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD).

The finale to this year's programme was led by Alex Rovira, author of best sellers like "Good Luck", who made the participants reflect on the personal choice to "choose the best attitude" as a source of trust, commitment, quality and excellence.

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